CORP Money Management


Financial Stability for the Single Person

Single people today have to plan and budget their finances carefully in order to not be overwealmed by bills and financial difficulties.  A wrong decision, illness, and unemployment can all cause financial difficulty.  Our money mamgment program is geared to help get a singler person back in control of their finances.  We help you find low income housing and counseling for your issues you have been afraid to deal with.  We help you learn to live on a budget.  And we explore ways you can develop alternative sources of income.


Stabilizing Your Families Finances

Over one half of the conflict in marriages comes from not having enough money for bills and living expenses.  CORP has a complete bill paying and money mangement service.  You could begin where we just monitor your bill paying and educate you on how to manage your own money effectively.  If you are really out of control that begins with us paying your bills and expenses.  At your own speed you then take over your financial affairs